Cyber Cataclysm is the upcoming fighting game developed and by NetherRealm Studios and published by 2DX13 Productions.

Story Edit

In the year of 2105, space travel has become the latest thing and humanity is able to come in contact with extraterrestrial beings in various ways. An alien object called the Neo Momentum has crash-landed to Antarctica and was discovered by Earth researchers who visited there. Meanwhile, there's a United Worlds, which is much like the United Nations but it involves ambassadors of different planets. One of the ambassadors is a scientist named Xordok from the planet Thesius. Unknown to other ambassadors, Xordok is using the status as an excuse to run a secret corporation as part of his quest for intergalactic conquest and to achieve his goal, he wishes to use the recently-discovered Neo Momentum to obtain power in the process, meaning that there is a big conspiracy to be uncovered.

Gameplay Edit

Unlike Mortal Kombat and Injustice, Cyber Cataclysm is 3D instead of being somewhere 3D where you fight in 3D plane with special moves but you can still side-step around the stage at any given time. The gameplay for Cyber Cataclysm is reminiscent to Injustice: Gods Among Us where there are stage transitions, though not all of them have transitions. There are two systems during gameplay One is the Cyberdrives, which are like Injustice's Character Traits and Blazblue's Drives. Then you have the Cataclysmic Moves, which are like super combo or hyper combo moves from every fighting game out there. The fatalities in Cyber Cataclysm are called Extermination and everyone has two of each. After enough rounds were won, you have the option to finish off your opponent and when you execute an Extermination move, the stage shifts to a big abstract cyberspace dome before the killing begins and you can watch fatality in all its cinematic glory, and to be specific unlike with Brutal Fists and Epic Blades, I will state that if you don't perform an Extermination on the opponent, you'll get a victory cutscene instead whereas in Exterminations, no victory cutscenes are there afterwards.

Characters Edit

Playable Edit

  • Andrew Tallack
  • Astinome
  • Barnady Lamont
  • Cockatrice
  • Detective Thundarr
  • E-Raid
  • Inazuma
  • Jaeghoma
  • Jezzi
  • Kariudo
  • Maximilius
  • Peligro
  • Psiomega
  • S.A.R.A.
  • Yeo Hyueng-Sang

Unlockable Edit

  • Armageddon
  • Chakal
  • Chiyo Mayumi
  • Deadbullet
  • Hertsabil
  • Jamal Jaxon
  • Kamien
  • Kold Blud
  • Rex Ecutioner
  • Ricardo El Sucio

Hidden Edit

  • Khirzo
  • Ladarius Slicer
  • Venumian
  • Xordok
  • Yetmah

Quests Edit

  • Aiden Pearce
  • Albert Wesker
  • Artanis
  • Col. Radec (PS4)
  • Deathstroke
  • Fulgore (Xbox One)
  • Gordon Freeman (PC)
  • Grackalor
  • Jim Raynor
  • Kano
  • Motoko Kusanagi
  • Samus Aran (Wii U)
  • Sarah Kerrigan
  • Springtrap
  • Starkiller
  • Wolverine