Dawn of War is the name of a series of real time strategy games and related media set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Views all expansions can be arrived in the Dawn of War franchise.

Announced television series for Dawn of War, if was about 10th Anniversary. It will air on the JetixRestored in 2014. The Dawn of War 10th Anniversary was beign of original 2004.

Games Edit

Dawn of War (2004) Edit

  • Winter Assault (2005)
  • Dark Crusade (2006)
  • Soulstorm (2007)
  • Bloodline (2008)

Dawn of War: Gift in Future (2006) Edit

Dawn of War: Eternity Crisis (2008) Edit

Dawn of War II (2009) Edit

  • Chaos Rising (2010)
  • Retribution (2011)
  • Firestorm over Venturo (2012)

Dawn of War Origins (2012) Edit

Dawn of War vs. Cartoon Network Universe (2015) Edit

Dawn of War III (2017) Edit

Factions Edit

This list of characters from the Dawn of War series covers the original Dawn of War game, crossover games and other related games. This game was someplace as expansions as well.

Only six characters have appeared as playable factions in all Dawn of War installments to date: Space Marines, Orks, Eldar, Chaos, Tyranids and Imperial Guard. Necrons, Tau Empire, Sisters of Battle and Dark Eldar are appeared in all main Dawn of War games.

  •      Appear faction.
  •      New entry.
  •      New enrty brought from other series.
  •      Non appear faction.
  •      Boss.
  • Y Yes (Playable faction).
  • N No (Non playable faction).
  • ? Secret.
  • U Unlockable (in Workshop).
Faction I GiF EC II Origins DoWvsCN III TK DoWvsSega UA IV DoWvsSF WoM V
Adeptus Mechanicus N
Assiest Bladers U
Chaos Y
Chaos Deamons N
Dance Macabre N
Dark Eldar U
Deamon Hunter N
Earth Forces U
Eldar Y
Imperial Guard U
Legio Custodes N
Lost and the Damned N
Necrons U
Ordo Geminus N
Orks Y
Pirates Alliance N
Praetoria N
Sisters of Battle U
Space Marines Y
Steel Legion N
Squats N
Tau Empire U
Tau Legion U
Tyranids U
Virions U
Witch Hunter N
Zoulcetion N